P Alert Methamphetamine Alarms are a New Zealand made ceiling mounted methamphetamine monitoring device. The alarm detects the use and manufacture of methamphetamine and sends an instant alarm to our real time monitoring system.


The alarm is fitted with two anti-tamper mechanisms  making it more sophisticated and virtually impossible to deceive. The alarm has been tested and certified by the ESR forensic laboratories Auckland. P Alert is the only alarm worldwide that detects the precursor chemicals within Methamphetamine.  


  • Detects the smoking of methamphetamine in real time

  • Detects the manufacture of methamphetamine in real time

  • Upon detection, a silent alarm is sent to P Alert services M2M monitoring system.

  • P Alert MK3 is the only patented meth alarm in the world.

  • Made in New Zealand.

  • P Alert MK3 is fitted with two tamper alarms making it more sophisticated and virtually impossible to tamper with.

Monitoring Room


24/7 M2M Monitoring

P Alert Services eliminates the need for costly lab verified intertenancy Baseline Meth tests. 


Intertenancy baseline tests are not required with the installation of a monitored P Alert alarm. The home can be immediately rented with no down time between tenancy's accruing loss of rent, which varies between 1 week for the results of a Composite Baseline Meth and beyond if contamination is found within the home.


Eliminate the Unknowns. Meth is odorless and is not generally detected in the annual 3 monthly inspection of a rental property. With 24/7 documented Realtime monitoring you know exactly what is going on in your property so action can be taken immediately. From our experience Meth consumption has no demographic, we have personally been involved with consumption of Meth from all members of society and property values. 


P Alert will Protect the Valve and Reputation of your asset. 


Provide immediate assurance for your tenants that the home is free from Meth contaminants. 


P Alert can potentially save $1000's in Loss of rent, clean up costs and emotional stress caused as a result of meth contamination. 


P Alert Monitored alarms are a huge deterrent in the smoking of Meth within properties. When occupants know the home is monitored we have reduced contamination within properties by 97%


There is a huge social cost to society in many ways from addiction to methamphetamine particularly children growing up in a negative environment. Intervention methods can be implemented with the aid of  P Alert monitored alarms, as a minimum children can be removed from that environment and upbringing. 


Included in the subscription is an annual / intertenancy alarm status report, yearly service and battery replacement in the Greater Wellington Region

All testing on P Alert Alarms is carried out by the institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Laboratories which is a crown research institute that provides services to a range of NZ and international government agencies and private corporations.

The forensic expertise of ESR is utilised by law enforcement agencies around the world including the FBI.


P Alert alarm eliminates the need for costly Lab verified intertenancy Baseline Meth tests, which also prevents a large amount of plastic waste and chemical bi-product used in the testing proceedure, finally ending up in landfill.

The images below are an example of the materials used for a single Baseline Meth screening test on a property. 

One report generates a significant amount of plastic waste which ultimately ends up in landfill after lab analysis. 

Thousands of tests are conducted on a yearly basis which has a significant impact on the environment. 


The P Alert alarm is made in New Zealand with a life expectancy of 10 years and beyond.

One alarm eliminates the environmental impact of current testing procedures. 

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According to a United Nations survey, New Zealand now has one of the worst narcotics epidemics in the Western world. The Global Drug Survey in 2017 has estimated that over 130,000 New Zealanders are meth users. In 2017, thousands of homes have been found contaminated with methamphetamine. The GOVT is now in the planiminary stages of writing mandatory Meth testing into the Healthy Home Standard.


Regardless of the level of toxicity or threshold, a previously contaminated home would be difficult to be either rented or sold. Cleaning a contaminated home can cost from $3,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the severity of the contamination, in addition to a loss of rental income and stigma of a contaminated property.