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P Alert Alarms conduct air sampling analysis every 30 minutes.


  • 48 tests per day


  • 366 tests over 7 days


  • 1464 tests per month


  • 17568 tests per year


The P Alert alarm sends a real time analysis of air sampling to our M2M monitoring software.

Privacy policies & tenancy agreements have been formulated by our tenancy lawyer specifically for P Alert services ltd, property managers & tenants who acknowledge and sign the agreement prior to the tenancy commencing. Installation protocol V1 -2021 is implemented.
A baseline lab composite meth test is conducted prior to installation of P Alert to ascertain and
legally document levels of contamination if any. From there the P Alert alarm is installed and
monitoring commences.


Monitoring is conducted in accordance with Methamphetamine Detection / Tamper Protocol V1
- 2021. Procedures are outlined in formal documentation provided and can also be obtained
from Tenancy Practice Services.


All formal documentation is provided and explained to property managers which outlines
processes around the installation of the P Alert alarm and protocol relating to the tampering or
detection of methamphetamine within the home.