P Alert services are industry recognized Pre-purchase building inspectors and have completed over 2000 Healthy home rental property reports in the greater wellington area. They are also NZQA accredited Meth samplers.


A large portion of their work load is conducting pre & inter tenancy Meth screening reports for property management companies to ensure that rental properties are free from Meth contamination. 

From our experience and documented statistics we have found that Methamphetamine is widespread throughout the Greater Wellington Region and does not discriminate against any demographic. 


In our experience the main issue that we have found with inter tenancy Meth screening analysis is that most of the time damage is already created, there is no prevention. Without ongoing testing there is no way to determine if Meth is being smoked within a rental property during a tenancy due to Meth being odorless, it's almost impossible to determine if Meth has been consumed or present within a 3 monthly property inspection unless the home is tested consistently or evidence of manufacture / smoking is found. In many cases the tenancy is terminated due to rent arrears created from a Meth habit, generally the tenant has disappeared owing significant rent in arrears by the time the property is tested.


We have seen significant distress to landlords emotionally from the repercussions of dealing with contaminated properties and financially from the loss of rent and significant clean up costs" and the stigma attached. 


The second common issue with intertenancy testing is once the home is vacated under normal circumstances there is little time between tenancy's to conduct a lab verified Meth screening report. From our experience many new tenants have had to have their tenancy postponed last minute due to high levels of Meth contamination being discovered within their new home, or worst cases the tenants have moved in before the results are due which opens the discussion for de-contamination of not only the home but also the clean up costs of the tenants furniture & belongings along with temporary housing while the property is being de-contaminated. 

Unfortunately we have seen the stress and financial burden that Meth contaminated homes have created for landlords oblivious as to what's being going on in their investment properties. On the other side of the equation it saddens us to have seen the negative family, anti-social  and abusive environment children are being brought up in, living in Meth contaminated homes with addicted family members. This poor up bringing is setting children up for failure in life and serious health conditions. 


Additionally we are also property investors with young families being involved in countless sad situations regarding Meth contamination inspired us to set up P Alert Services Limited. "We believe real time monitoring of investment properties with the worlds first patented New Zealand made methamphetamine alarm ( P Alert ) will help protect investment properties offing 24/7 information on the property giving landlords and managers piece of mind that their home is contamination free or a heads up as to what is going on so pre determined clauses in their Tenancy agreement can be implemented, while also providing the knowledge that families are living in a safe clean meth free environment".

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